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Sewage pump, sewage treatment supporting policies launched
- Jan 22, 2017 -

A recent Executive meeting of the State Council, referring to the underground water pollution prevention and control measures, proposed to enhance the urban sewage treatment rate and recycling rate. According to the reporter's case, wastewater treatment support policies will be promulgated. This means that has come "Eleven-Five" sewage treatment industry of the gold cycle in the "Twelve-Five" continue "a shot".

A State Council Executive meeting, we must strictly control the towns of groundwater pollution. Reduce the pollution load of urban life, promoting the network system, improve the urban sewage treatment rate and recycling rate, strengthen the landfill construction and management.

Groundwater is in China life, an important source of water for industry, agriculture, but due to the pollution of surface water, groundwater water quality are also deteriorating. According to data provided by the Department of environmental protection, our 90% urban groundwater in varying degrees by organic and inorganic pollution of toxic pollutants. And the situation is getting worse, in recent years, the Ministry of land and resources survey, the deteriorating underground water quality in 40% of the city.