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Selection and requirements of drainage pumps
- Jul 05, 2017 -

The discharge of the pump should be selected according to the flow rate of the design of the water discharge. When the water displacement is adjusted, the maximum flow rate of the water can be selected. Fire elevator sump water pump flow is not less than 10L/s. The head of the drainage pump is calculated according to the lifting height and the loss of the pipeline, and then a certain free head is added. The free head should be 0.02 ~ 0.03MPa. Drain pump suction pipe and outlet flow speed should not be less than 0.7m/s, and should not be greater than 2.0m/s.

When upgrading the sewage and waste water with large impurities, the submersible sewage pump outlet pipe inside the collection tank should not be different from the merger; when upgrade their wastewater, according to the actual situation of different sets of diving pool pump discharge pipe combined discharge.

When two or more than two pumps share a water outlet, a valve and check valve shall be installed at each pump outlet pipe. A single pump drainage may produce backflow, should be set check valve. Pressure drainage shall not be allowed to be combined with the gravity drain in the building.

When the submersible sewage pump lifting large pieces of debris, diving sewage pump should be equipped with crushing device; when lifting more fiber containing sewage, it is appropriate to use large channel submersible sewage pump.

When the submersible pump motor power of 7.5kW or greater than or equal to the outlet diameter greater than or equal to DN100, the pump can be used in fixed auto plant; when the submersible pump motor power is less than 7.5kW or the outlet pipe diameter is less than DN100, can set up mobile hose installation. The sewage sump shall be equipped with a submersible sewage pump, and the submersible pump shall be equipped with a fixed self coupling device to facilitate the maintenance of the water pump.

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