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Quality standard for aluminum bronze valve cover casting
- Jul 11, 2018 -

The main material of aluminum bronze valve cover casting, the aluminum content of aluminum bronze is generally not more than 11.5%, and sometimes an appropriate amount of iron, nickel, manganese and other elements are added to further improve the performance. Aluminum bronze can be heat-treated and strengthened. Its strength is higher than that of tin bronze and its high temperature oxidation resistance is good. Therefore, it is suitable for casting bonnets and wear-resistant parts with high strength.


Aluminum bronze valve cover castings are commonly used in seawater, chloride and other corrosion-resistant work, the use temperature is generally below 300 ° C, the pressure is 1.6 ~ 4.0MPa. Due to the complicated shape of the valve, in order to avoid casting defects such as shrinkage, shrinkage, porosity, oxidation and inclusion in the aluminum bronze valve cover casting, it is necessary to master some methods for dealing with the leakage of the cast aluminum bronze valve cover casting to improve the utilization rate of the casting.


According to domestic standards, general aluminum bronze bonnet castings cannot be removed by hammering, clogging or dipping, but it is also proposed that castings are not allowed to be repaired except for the threaded parts of the sealing surface and the high temperature and strong corrosion. A defect that can be repaired, allowing repair by soldering or other methods.


In fact, the research and application of the technology of repair welding impregnation for aluminum bronze bonnet castings have been widely carried out at home and abroad. With the development of non-destructive testing technology, no matter what kind of processing of casting parts defects, there are ways to carry out testing. It is better to ensure the use of aluminum bronze bonnet castings.