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Quality Requirements and Inspection of Right Angle Valve Body Casting
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Right angle valve body casting is a main component of valve products. For now, according to its different pressure levels, you can choose different manufacturing methods, such as casting, forging and so on. Normally, the right-angle valve body castings of medium and low pressure specifications generally use the casting process to produce the valve body. The medium-high pressure valve body is produced using a forging process.


In practical applications, the right-angle valve body casting, the valve core, and the valve seat sealing ring can effectively withstand the medium pressure after being sealed together. At the same time, the material of the valve body can be selected according to different process media, and suitable metal materials can be selected. The more common types of materials include: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel. In the process of casting, according to the characteristics of the product structure, it is necessary to rationally design the wax molding type and optimize the process parameters.


This purpose is mainly to reduce the casting defects of right-angle valve body casting products and improve its quality, so as to obtain high-quality, high-precision, high value-added castings. Of course, good quality shells are necessary for obtaining high quality castings. High quality shells should meet a range of performance requirements including strength, air permeability, thermal conductivity, change in wire volume, thermal shock stability, thermochemical stability and shelling. Sex etc.


In order to ensure the quality of right angle valve body castings, it is usually necessary to conduct corresponding test inspections on the castings, including hydraulic pressure test and air tightness test. Among them, the first pass rate of water pressure test is about 90%, and the pass rate of airtight test is about 65%. At the same time, the surface quality, dimensional accuracy, position tolerance and surface roughness of castings are all in accordance with the technical requirements of castings.


In short, the casting process of right-angle valve body castings belongs to a more complex production process. From the core making, molding, lower core box to smelting and pouring, each process must ensure the quality of its processes. If any one of the processes has quality problems, it may cause defects. Therefore, in the quality management of castings, the quality of each process should be closely followed in order to ensure good casting of the right-angle valve body.