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Production process of aluminum oil pump castings
- Jul 12, 2018 -

The aluminum oil pump castings are usually made of sand type, and the sand type raw materials are mainly sand and mixed with binder, water and the like. The sand material must have a certain bond strength in order to be molded into the desired shape and to withstand the scouring of high temperature molten iron without collapse.


In order to mold the sand into a cavity that conforms to the shape of the casting, it must first be modeled with wood, and the hot molten iron will shrink in volume after cooling. Therefore, the size of the wood mold needs to be increased according to the original one inch of the casting, and the surface to be machined is correspondingly thickened.


The hollow aluminum oil pump casting needs to be made into a sand core and a corresponding core wood mold, so that the cavity sand type can be turned; after the sand type is made, it can be poured, that is, the aluminum water is poured into the sand type cavity. When pouring, the molten iron temperature is between 1250 and 1350 degrees, and the temperature is higher during melting. Then it has to go through sand removal, repair, grinding and other processes to become a qualified casting.


What is to be emphasized here is the sand turning process of the aluminum oil pump casting, which is a method of producing a product by pouring molten metal into a mold cavity and cooling and solidifying. In the modern manufacturing process, there are many parts made from the sand turning process, and aluminum oil pump castings are one of them.