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Process flow of silver plating of copper casting
- Jun 07, 2017 -

What is the process flow of silver plating of copper castings? Today, Xiao Bian with everyone to understand.
1., silver plating, must be charged lower groove, using impact current density, in the workpiece under the premise of the plating 5min, and then converted to normal current density;
2. silver plating after the passivation treatment to strengthen the cleaning, the water flow in 10 ~ 20min, and then the hot water washing, drying oven immediately, control the temperature of 100 to 150 DEG C, and a little longer, produce to prevent mildew;
3., the cleaning of each process must be thorough, to prevent the residual solution in the pores, affecting the next process;

泵盖 (2).png

                                                                Pump cover castings

4. cast copper pieces, the actual surface area than the calculation of the surface area many times, electroplating impact current density than the general parts of about 3 times, pre plating time is longer than the general parts;
5. pre plating parts, even hanging together to shake, to ensure that the coating color can produce uniform consistency, the appearance quality of coating to prevent silver plating piebald phenomenon.
It is the key to solve the silver plating quality of copper casting that the surface of copper casting is cleaned out and the proper technological steps are strengthened.

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