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Process design and modeling materials for aluminum bronze pump cover castings
- Jan 14, 2019 -

The thickness and heat of the structure of the aluminum bronze pump cover casting can effectively achieve rapid solidification during operation, which artificially causes the basic balance of the temperature field of the machine tool casting, and uses internal and external cold iron in use. Zircon sand, chromite sand or special coatings with large heat storage.

The reasonable process design of the aluminum bronze pump cover castings, the inner runners will be placed in the thin wall of the machine tool castings, and the time is more and more dispersed. The metal liquid that first enters the thick wall is firstly solidified, and then solidified at the thin wall, so that the equilibrium solidification is basically achieved everywhere. For machine tool castings with uniform wall thickness, multiple gates and vents are used. There are many internal runners, scattered and evenly distributed to balance the overall heat. The venting holes are fine and numerous, that is, the exhaust gas is smooth and heat-dissipating.

aluminum bronze pump cover castings can effectively select modeling materials with large heat storage, which is very important for the production of anti-wear products with lost foam! The chromite ore replaces other sands with low heat storage such as quartz sand, and it will achieve good results, low-temperature fast burning, and open casting system. Make the molten metal fill the mold quickly, smoothly and evenly. This should be tailored to the requirements.