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Process and mechanical properties of copper bush castings for mechanical equipments
- Dec 21, 2018 -

copper bush castings for mechanical equipments have excellent physical and mechanical properties when used. They can have a variety of different strength, hardness, and toughness properties, and can also have one or more special properties, such as Wear-resistant, high temperature resistant and low temperature, corrosion resistant, etc. Castings are available in a wide range of weights and sizes. The lightest weight is only a few grams, the heaviest is 400 tons, the thinnest wall is only 0.5 mm, the thickest can be more than 1 meter, and the length can range from a few millimeters to a dozen meters. It can meet the requirements of different industrial sectors.

The wear resistance and dimensional stability of copper bushings for various mechanical equipment directly affect the accuracy of the machine tool, and the life of the impeller, casing and hydraulic parts of various pumps, the accuracy of the profile and the surface roughness Degree, directly affects the working efficiency of the pump and hydraulic system, the development of energy consumption and cavitation; the strength of the internal combustion engine cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston ring, exhaust pipe, etc., and the direct heat shock resistance The working life of the engine.

Process flow for copper bush castings for mechanical equipments

Alkaline chemical degreasing → hot water washing → water washing → dip 25% hydrofluoric acid → water washing → mixed acid etching → water washing → immersion 5% alkali solution → water washing → pre-plating copper → water washing → silver plating → water Wash → passivation → water wash → remove film → water wash → dip light → water wash → hot water wash → dry → test.