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Pressure requirements for Aluminum bronze valve cover casting
- Jul 28, 2018 -

Aluminum bronze valve cover casting are often used in seawater, chloride, sulphate and other corrosion-resistant conditions during operation. The operating temperature is generally below 300 degrees during operation, and the pressure is 1.6- during operation. Between 4.0MPa. Due to the complex shape of the valve and the characteristics of the cast aluminum bronze itself, there are inevitably casting defects such as shrinkage, shrinkage, porosity, oxide inclusions, etc.; especially the secondary oxidation inclusions formed during the casting process, and the larger area of the needle Holes can seriously affect the mechanical properties of the material and the hydraulic test performance. The batch leakage of the valve casing is unusual for aluminum bronze valves.

Aluminum bronze valve cover casting  will be fitted with valve stem seals to a certain extent. They are mainly used for connecting or supporting actuators during operation. The bonnet and valve body can be integrated during operation. Can be separated. The bonnet in the gate valve mainly acts as a compression packing.

The aluminum bronze small bonnet has a stuffing box for sealing the valve stem through which the valve stem extends. The aluminum bronze small bonnet is connected to the actuator by means of threads or bolts. It is also subject to the pressure, temperature and corrosion of the medium, just like the valve body.