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Preliminary design and casting requirements for tin bronze copper alloy pump cover casting
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Tin bronze copper alloy pump cover casting in the process of production for the numerical simulation of solidification process, which will to a certain extent determines the casting isolated in the solidification process of liquid phase area and final position of solidification, tin bronze pump cover for preliminary design of the riser.According to the numerical simulation results of the casting (including the riser), two improvements were made to the riser, and finally the optimization process was obtained.

Tin bronze copper alloy pump cover casting when making use of its high dimensional accuracy, surface is bright and clean, but the process is various, the intensity of labor is big, tin bronze pump cover important processing surface or main working face should be down or toward the side, because of the defects on the surface of the product (such as sand holes, porosity, slag, etc.) are usually more than the lower, the group is also under the less dense.If these planes are difficult to face down, try to position them on the side.When there are more than one important processing surface, the larger face should be facing down, and the upper surface of the face should be used to increase the machining allowance to ensure the quality of the valve castings.


The large plane of the tin bronze copper alloy pump cover casting should be down.In the casting process is mainly due to high temperature of the surface of the liquid metal in the cavity has a strong thermal radiation, sometimes cavity on the surface of the sand or cracking due to the sharp expansion of the heat of the hog, make the valve casting surface produces sand inclusion defects.It is obvious that the plane with horizontal position is thicker and larger, and the upper surface is more likely to produce sand.For this purpose, for plate valve castings, make the large plane face down.

Tin bronze copper alloy pump cover casting for use in the easy formation of shrinkage cavity when the valve casting, pouring, you should put the thick part of the parting surface near the top or side, such easy to directly placed in the valve casting thickness riser, make it a bottom-up directional solidification and feeding, to prevent the shrinkage cavity.The paper filter can be divided into two types: low permeability and high permeability.