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Precision requirements for copper alloy right angle valve castings
- Jul 31, 2018 -

In the process of production of copper alloy right angle valve castings, the core part is to smelt qualified molten iron. In operation, the qualified mold can be injected to ensure the accuracy of the shape and size of the casting. Under normal circumstances, the qualified molten iron is intrinsic. Quality is to ensure the use of castings, to ensure the service life and reliability of use. Therefore, the smelting quality of molten iron is a key link in the casting production process.


The professional face of copper alloy right angle valve castings in the foundry industry is very extensive, and the influencing factors are relatively large. In the process of production, the control is very difficult, and the stable production quality is in addition to the strict operation. In addition to controlling the feeding, the production process is automated, the interference of human factors is eliminated to the utmost extent, and the quality and stability of the process are ensured by the equipment system. It is an effective measure to improve production quality, improve production efficiency and reduce costs in China.


Copper alloy right angle valve castings, to a certain extent, with the development and progress of their society, their environmental awareness is constantly improving, and their environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, and there should be corresponding environmental protection measures. In order to meet the corresponding environmental requirements. In the production process, how to make full use of energy and save energy. It is also one of our current important tasks.