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Precision copper casting pressure casting method
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Precise copper castings are very energy-saving in the process of operation. When they are used, they are mainly energy-saving and water-saving. To a certain extent, they are mainly achieved through the scientific management of energy and the implementation of energy-saving and water-saving technologies. With the increase in the demand for copper-cast parts and the increase in energy and material prices, in today's increasingly fierce market competition, the reduction of production energy and material consumption and the reduction of production costs are what casting workers need to take seriously.

Precision copper castings can be divided into pure copper, bronze, brass and cupronickel to a certain extent according to their chemical composition. According to their functions, they can be effectively divided into general purpose and special purpose. Aluminum castings are The addition of other metals or non-metallic elements on the basis of pure aluminum can not only maintain the basic properties of pure aluminum, but also make the aluminum alloy have a good overall performance due to the effects of alloying and heat treatment. Aluminum and aluminum alloys occupy an important position in the industry and are used in a large number of fields such as military, industry, agriculture, and transportation.


The die casting of precision copper castings can be subdivided into grains, which can reduce the porosity and effectively improve the mechanical properties and hermeticity of the alloy. In the high-lead alloys such as lead bronze, the use of metal casting can prevent Segregation of copper components. Because copper alloy castings have a large number of cylindrical parts, centrifugal casting methods are used. In addition, large-scale copper castings can also use low-pressure casting methods to increase the density of the alloy and reduce the inclusions generated during the casting process.