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Precautions in precision casting
- Aug 26, 2017 -

Precision casting is a very common method of processing precision casting process, operation process and specification will affect the final casting quality, then we are in operation, should pay attention to what?

1. Clear all obstructions of passage and site.

2, check whether the hot metal bag is dry, the bottom of the bag, the bag ear, the package bar and the end handle are safe and reliable, the rotating part is not flexible, and the soft iron ladle which is not dried is not allowed to be used.

3, and hot metal contact all tools, use must be preheated to more than 500 degrees Celsius, otherwise can not use.

4, hot metal ladle shall not exceed 80% of the volume, the ladle to smooth slow, keep step with preventing molten iron spill wounding.

5, the use of cranes lifting iron should be checked before the hook, the chain is not reliable, not knot hanging chain movement, have the person responsible for follow the iron in water, after the route, not xianzarenyuan.

6, strict implementation of precision casting six no water: 

(1) hot metal temperature is not poured, (2) hot metal brand is not poured, (3) do not block slag not pouring, (4) sand box dry, not pouring, (5) do not put outside, gate not pouring, (6) molten iron is not enough water.

7, the casting should be accurate and smooth, not from the riser into the sand box, pour molten iron and see the molten iron.

8. When molten iron is poured into the sand mold, the exhaust gas discharged from the steam hole, the riser and the box joint shall be ignited at any time so as to prevent the poison gas and molten iron from splashing and wounding.

9, the rest of the molten iron to pour in the prepared mold or sand pit, not down on the sand and on the ground, to prevent explosion of molten iron. Molten iron flowing on the ground due to running fire or other reasons shall not be covered with sand before it is solidified and should be removed immediately after solidification.

10, all equipment should be checked before use safety and reliability, after use to clean up.

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