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Performance characteristics of aluminium bronze pump body castings
- Dec 10, 2018 -

The aluminium bronze pump body castings cast from aluminum bronze as raw materials are not only dense in structure, but also have higher mechanical properties than brass and tin bronze, and are higher in atmosphere, seawater, carbonic acid and most organic acids than brass and tin bronze. Corrosion resistance, in addition to wear resistance, cold resistance, sparks and other characteristics.


When casting aluminium bronze pump body castings, if iron is added to the aluminum bronze to refine the grains and delay the recrystallization temperature, the strength, hardness and wear resistance of the aluminum bronze can be remarkably improved. Iron also has the effect of suppressing the β→(α+γ2) phase transition, which is particularly important for large aluminum bronze castings because it prevents brittleness caused by excessive (α+γ2) due to slow cooling of the casting.


In addition, manganese can improve the strength, corrosion resistance and ability of cold and hot pressure processing of aluminum bronze, and is the most effective element for suppressing the β-phase eutectoid transformation. Nickel can improve the mechanical properties and wear resistance of aluminum bronze, but more importantly to improve the corrosion resistance of the alloy. Therefore, in order to further improve the performance of aluminum bronze pump castings, other metal elements can be reasonably used.