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Open impeller
- Jan 22, 2017 -

Only the blades and blade stiffener, no front and back cover of the impeller. Open 2-5 pieces in a small number of impeller blades. Low efficiency of water pump impeller, seldom used, mainly used for transportation of high viscosity of liquid and Pasty liquids.

Blade of centrifugal pump impeller for bent blades. Leaves are cylindrical and distort the shape of the two, using twisted blades can reduce the load on the blade, and improving suction performance of centrifugal pumps, improving anti-cavitation ability, but difficult to manufacture, and cost more. Water pump impeller impeller centrifugal pumps for refinery and chemical requirements for cast or weld the whole pump impeller. Pump impeller welding was developed in recent years, used for casting performance of metals, such as iron and its alloys, special for the manufacture of chemical centrifugal pump. Welded water pump impeller geometric accuracy and surface finish are better than casting impeller centrifugal pump efficiency could be improved.

These three structures also have different uses, half closed and open type impeller is suitable for conveying suspensions of solid particles or foam pump pumps, the efficiency of this type of pump is low; closed impeller suitable for conveying clean liquids.