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Oil pump compensation mechanism and transmission requirements
- Apr 17, 2018 -

In the production process of the oil pump, the pump sleeve and the end surface lining are made of high quality steel. Under normal circumstances, the used rotor is wear-resistant non-metallic material, which will make all frictional contact surfaces of the pump highly wear resistant. Friction web, so the pump is very wear-resistant, durable, long service life.

The axial and radial bucket design in the oil pump is equipped with a clearance automatic compensation mechanism, and it has a gap automatic compensation function to a certain extent. After the parts are worn out, they are very durable when used and can maintain a high degree of vacuum. No change, the unique design structure will not damage the parts even if they rotate in the opposite direction.

When used, the oil pump is suitable for conveying various diesel oils, lubricating oils, heavy oils, and copper gears to transport low-point liquids such as gasoline, benzene, etc. The unit also produces stainless steel gear pumps for conveying beverages and corrosive liquids.

The oil pump can be applied to hard granules or fibers to a certain extent. It can be applied to various viscosities when used. Its temperature can reach 300°C to a certain extent. If high temperature liquids need to be transported, please use high temperature resistant gears. The pump can deliver liquid below 300°C.

The pump has a variety of pump structures that are simple and compact, easy to use and maintain, and have good self-priming properties. They do not need to be filled with liquid before each pump is started. Some oil pumps are lubricated automatically by the delivered liquid, so no additional fluid is needed for daily work.