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Multistage pumps how to type?
- Jan 22, 2017 -

1, pump manufacturers

Here mainly refers to the brand of pump. Across the country, hundreds of water pumps manufacturer, each main pump, water pumps, quality is uneven. To do this, select the old brand pump factory is particularly important. Like the better known within the industry of the Hunan xiaoxiang pumps limited, that is, a focus on pump manufacturing 39 years of brand manufacturers, product variety, and model specifications. Great range of purchase to meet customer needs. Trademark and water pump-pump is Hunan of Hunan province famous trademark.

2, applications

Multistage pump applications, mine mining areas such as water quality, there are high-rise buildings, fire water medium, and corrosive liquids, medium and different applications, also determines the selection of pump type are not the same. If you are transporting the corrosivity medium, multistage pump clear water class is used, that obviously does not meet the requirements, there may be corrosion water pumps and other equipment.

3, pump type and model

After the defined applications, we can according to the actual situation to choose vertical or horizontal multi-stage pumps, according to the flow rate and head correspond to requirements to use multistage pump models. Selection of vertical was horizontal, it is depends on the size space, but price. Horizontal, vertical and can meet the requirements, fits select natural cheap.