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Molding Process to Prevent Blowout of Filter valve boby castings
- Mar 09, 2018 -

In the process of casting the filter valve body casting, the molding process can be used to improve its quality and reduce the amount of porosity. In general, the influencing factors of the forming process for producing the blowhole in the filter valve body casting mainly include the following two aspects:

One is the rationality of the design of the casting process, the smoothness of the sand exhaust, and the other is the degree of drying of the sand used. In terms of process design, an air outlet riser is designed on the body of the filter valve body casting, and air holes are designed at the core area to ensure that the gas in the cavity can be smoothly discharged.

In addition, one of the control measures to be taken is to strengthen the baking of the filter valve body casting sand. For example, you can use a drying oven to dry the sand mold, and control the temperature between 200 and 250 °C. The required time for the sand mold to stay in the furnace can not be less than 15 minutes.

In this process, the improvement measures that can be taken are:

1. Before the valve body casting of the filter valve is not flushed with paint, plug the air outlet riser with a cork stopper to avoid the paint from flowing into the gas riser when the coating is applied, causing the paint to accumulate or bake out.

2. Inspect the inner cavity of the sand mold before the lower core. If it is found that the deep recessed area is not dried, use a diesel torch to make up the bake, and then dry and then lower the core.

3. After the completion of the lower core, the diesel torch is required to be baked once again for the upper type and the lower type. The baking time is generally about 30 seconds. After the above measures were implemented, the phenomenon of spraying molten iron during casting was almost eliminated, and the quality of the valve body casting of the filter valve was significantly improved.