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Molding conditions of pressure resistant copper aluminum castings
- Feb 01, 2019 -

In order to meet some special requirements of castings, the application of casting methods is quite critical. For example, for pressure resistant copper aluminum castings, it is not suitable to use ordinary casting methods. What can solve this problem is the partial pressurization of the casting, which ensures the smooth formation of the pressure-resistant casting.
If the casting is still produced by the ordinary casting process, the solidification speed of the liquid metal in the long runner is so fast that the pressure transmitted from the head cannot be maintained, and the looseness of the solidified part at the end of the casting is unsatisfactory. The pressure resistance requirements of castings.
However, if the partial pressurization method of the casting is used, it is not only easier to operate, but also has a lower cost, and can effectively produce a partial heat-resistant pressure-proof method compared with the vacuum die-casting and oxygen-added die casting. casting. In the actual application, in order to supercharge the local hot section of the pressure resistant copper aluminum castings, it is necessary to pay attention to the actual die-casting mold, and it is necessary to install a local supercharging mechanism in the hot section of the casting.
Then, when the liquid metal is filled in the press-type cavity, the surface of the casting and the pouring system can form a closed solidified layer of a certain thickness, and only the solenoid valve of the booster cylinder is required to drive the piston to push the booster head. A higher pressure is applied to the semi-solid metal inside the hot section, so that it is gradually solidified under continuous high pressure.