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Mechanical properties and heat treatment of disc shaped valve castings
- Aug 18, 2017 -

Butterfly valve in the casting process in the production of chemical composition of the castings must satisfy certain specified value when processing in order to improve the welding performance and casting performance of anti sulfur corrosion, disc valve castings of carbon content shall not exceed 10 million less than 0.25%, the carbon content of not more than WCB less than or equal to 0.23%.
Butterfly valve casting processing, the manufacturers need the efficient analysis of each furnace steel, the analysis of the best samples from melting and pouring process are mainly by the hole drilling method, hole drilling method should be effective, should be on the surface of 6.5mm sampling, to prevent the possibility of decarburization.
Butterfly valve casting has certain mechanical properties when in use, the mechanical properties of castings shall meet the requirements specified in the value of the work, when there is NACE, the hardness of casting after final heat treatment shall not exceed 22HRC, the mechanical properties of castings and casting specimens should be and is the same for pouring molten steel heat treatment the same furnace.


                                       Aluminum bronze valve clack castings

The disc shaped valve castings need to be treated with heat when they are fabricated. All the castings need to be heat treated according to their design requirements and chemical composition. The same number of castings must be treated with the same furnace. The mode of heat treatment furnace must be confirmed.
This can effectively ensure the uniformity of the butterfly valve castings in the heating zone temperature, and between the casting and the furnace wall thick walled casting should leave appropriate gap to ensure uniform heating of stacked castings should also be considered to prevent deformation. The heat treatment process shall be recorded by an automatic temperature recorder, and the heat treatment furnace number, material, commodity name, date and so on shall be written.

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