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Material properties and casting preventive measures of tin bronze pump body castings
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Tin bronze pump body castings should generally have strong strength and hardness, and good wear resistance to meet the requirements of use. The tin bronze material used has good casting properties and dry friction properties, high compactness and good corrosion resistance, and is commonly used to make wear parts. When it is used as a wear part, it is usually required to have an operating temperature of not more than 400 ° C and can be welded.


In the field of machinery industry, we can often use cast tin bronze as wear-resistant anti-corrosion material, so the obtained tin bronze pump casting has good comprehensive performance. Castings of this material are usually formed by sand casting, investment casting and centrifugal casting.


In the actual casting process, taking into account some of the shortcomings of tin bronze itself, it can be prevented by some measures in the smelting process. For the charge, solvent and tools, it must be fully preheated and dried, and no water can be brought in. Production practice has proven that by controlling the production process reasonably, qualified tin bronze castings can be produced.