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Material, process and coating construction of nonferrous metal casting
- Jun 05, 2017 -

In the process of non-ferrous metal casting, in order to obtain the surface of fine castings, the materials used, processing and processing methods are strictly defined, these are also the basic knowledge we need to master.

1, the selection of materials for non-ferrous metal casting process

Generally, some materials which are easy to be melted can be used for non-ferrous metal casting, so that the castings obtained are not only free of surface defects, but also of high accuracy.


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2. Operation process of nonferrous metal casting process

The first material made of wax, and then use fine mud poured in the wax surface, forming a layer of mud and mud in the shell; shell is coated on the surface of refractory material, after hardening on the deformation of the mold. After baking, casting and cooling, the required castings are obtained.

3, non-ferrous metal casting, casting, surface coating

It is not difficult to find that there is a coating on the surface of the casting after casting. This is to make the casting get better condition. The coating must be prepared, when casting workpiece, need to bake molds, mainly to the water vapor is removed, and by increasing the mold temperature to prevent explosion splash, ready for paint drying.

Another step is to sweep the mold and then push the asbestos pad up, locking the front cover and placing the nozzle. When finished, pour the paint into the mold with a paint tube, and then pour the paint until it has dried. After completion of casting, proper cooling is required in order to obtain a finer grain structure, but be careful not to affect the quality of the casting coating.

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