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Introduction of impeller casting process
- Sep 06, 2017 -

This article will focus on the introduction of the impeller casting casting process, I hope that through this introduction, can help you familiar with this knowledge. In general, the main processes of impeller casting include molding, crusting, demoulding, roasting, casting, and grinding. Let's take a look at the specific content below!
The first step is to die, which is the first to prepare a impeller castingshape and a wax size as like as two peas, but slightly larger. This is because, in this process, we need to take into account the shrinkage of metals and dies. Therefore, make sure that the size of the wax mold is larger than the size of the casting. In fact, this is the main wax mould material casting has completely melted into the "pressure type", and then after cooling.
Next, we shall apply a good coating on the surface of the mold, and then sprinkle sand as required, and then wait for a period of time to form a fireproof shell. The third step is to release, in fact is the wax mold surface prepared with refractory shells into 90 degrees of hot water. Then, the shell of the impeller casting is taken out and washed, and then dried naturally.
The fourth step is the key to the whole casting process, so I suggest you pay more attention to it. At this time, it should be the drying of the thin shell into 860 degrees or so in the high temperature environment, continuous impeller casting for two hours, remember, must control the temperature. The fifth step is casting, this step is relatively simple, as long as the temperature is controlled at about 700 degrees, you can pour.


Open impeller casting

Here, the casting work has not been completed, and finally, the casting impeller has been cast after cooling treatment, and then polished. Just clean some of the risers and risers formed during the treatment

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