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Installation points of copper valves
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Where water is needed in life, the valve is sure to be used. For a long time, many people use the cast iron valve, but because of the lack of material on the valve, the copper valve appeared. However, many copper valve users can not understand the installation, today Xiaobian specifically about the installation of copper valve points, and I hope to help you.

1. The threaded copper valve is connected with the pipe thread of the pipe end. The inner thread can be a cylindrical pipe thread or a taper pipe thread, and the outer thread must be a taper pipe thread.

2, the cut-off valve, gate valve in the installation and commissioning of the process found that when the valve leakage, tighten the packing nut compaction can be, and pay attention to force can not be too large to water leakage limit.


3, the threaded connection of the copper valve, installation tightened when the wrench should be the same end of the thread of six angles or octagonal parts, should not wrench the valve at the other end of the six corners or octagonal parts, so as not to cause deformation of copper valve.

4, the threaded valve is connected with the end of pipe control, tube end thread length. In order to avoid excessive spin pipe end, resulting in top pressure gate valve pipe thread end, resulting in deformation of the valve seat and affect the tightness.

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