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Impeller shape classification
- Jan 22, 2017 -

Centrifugal impeller type

Centrifugal fan impeller blade shape of veneers, arc and wing type, as shown in Figure 1. Aerodynamic characteristics of Airfoil has a good, high efficiency, good strength and stiffness. The downside is, complex manufacturing processes, and when conveying gases with high dust concentration, the blade is easy to wear, after leaf was worn, and impurities into the blade inside, lost her balance and vibration of the impeller. Flat straight blade manufacturing simple, but poor flow characteristics, compared to the flat curve to the blade Airfoil blades, except for high efficiency near the best efficiency point lower, but efficiency is quite close to other points.

First the impeller types

Forward wheel is used for circular blade and the impeller, large fans with Airfoil blades, for dust removal efficiency of coal-fired boiler induced draft fan using circular or flat-plate blade. Using a flat-blade centrifugal fans more.

Leaf shape

(A) flat blade (b) narrow Arc Blade (c) circular blades; (d) Airfoil; (e) flat curve to the blade