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How to weld the copper pipe covers?
- Oct 18, 2017 -

In the actual production period, often due to the use requirements, the copper pipe covers needs to be welded. Some users are not sure how to weld the copper pipe cap. Here we will briefly introduce the content of this aspect, hoping to help you.
One of the first things to consider is the need to select a suitable flux before welding. This is because if the flux is selected incorrectly, it may not achieve the desired welding quality. In addition, after the completion of the welding, it is usually necessary to clean the residual flux near the welding port. Usually, we can use hot water or steam to clean up the residual flux near the welding port of the copper pipe cap to avoid corrosion.
In addition, in order to ensure better use effect, it is recommended that we first dilute the flux and then apply it to the weld surface of the copper tube cap evenly. The main purpose of this operation is that with the rapid evaporation of alcohol, a better smooth thin film can be formed, and water immersion can also be prevented. In general, the final effect of the welding must ensure that the pipeline will not leak.


copper pipe covers

At the same time, the welding part should meet the requirements of various aspects. The final weld seam should be uniform, and all parts of the copper pipe cap should be in good condition. It is important to remind you that before welding, you should prepare the required welding tools and materials. And be sure to weld in accordance with the design requirements of the drawings.
After completing the welding, appropriate cooling measures are required. Although from the content described above, the welding operation of the copper tube cap is relatively simple, we also need to master the correct methods and skills. Usually before welding, there is also a need for professional training to master specific operating procedures and related considerations.

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