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How to use the die casting mold for non-ferrous metal casting
- May 23, 2018 -

After several years of development, the non-ferrous metal industry has achieved some results and more and more related products. Non-ferrous metal products are mainly formed by die-casting, so die-casting molds are very important in this process. This complicated process-related note needs to remind everyone.

First, it will involve the use of die casting mold cooling systems in non-ferrous metal casting. If the mold cooling water can be used properly, it can not only extend the life of the mold, but also improve the efficiency. After all, if the mold temperature is too high, it will often lead to cracks in the core.

Second, prior to the casting of colored molds, it is necessary to preheat the molds because a set of cold molds will suddenly encounter hot molten metal, which will cause cracking. The more commonly used preheating here can be performed by torches, liquefied gas and mold temperature lamps. For simple molds, only slow shot preheating can be used.

At the same time, do not forget to clean up the different parting surfaces of the die-casting mold so that it will not cause collapse of the parting surface and running aluminum in the production process. If this is really the case, the mold will probably fail. Completely repaired.

Some non-ferrous metal die-casting molds are equipped with neutron control. For such a mold, the signal line between the die-casting machine and the mold is absolutely prohibited from being connected, preventing alarm shutdown due to signal errors, or even top mold failure.