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How to strengthen the use of non-ferrous metal castings performance?
- Mar 22, 2018 -

Non-ferrous metal castings are parts made by casting. Currently, various non-ferrous metal castings have been widely used in motorcycle manufacturing, motor manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, internal combustion engine production, oil pump manufacturing, landscaping, transmission machinery manufacturing, and precision instruments. , electric power construction, architectural decoration and other industries.


It should be noted that in the manufacturing process of non-ferrous metal castings, there is a close relationship with the quality of the non-ferrous metal castings in terms of their adopted processes and their execution, the quality of the used molds, the quality of the die-casting equipment, and the operational skills of the operators. Therefore, we want to further improve the use of castings, then we also need to consider from many aspects.


First of all, in the production of non-ferrous metal castings, we must strictly grasp the high-quality molding materials, and must be reasonable design mold wall thickness and other mold size; secondly, in the casting, it is best to use inserts. If conditions permit, then it is best to use a large corner R.


In addition, taking into account the actual application requirements, in the casting process of non-ferrous metal castings, the distance between the cooling water channel used and the profile and corner must be large enough, and the stress tempering should be performed after rough machining. Not only must the heat treatment be adequate, quenching must be fast enough.


In order to further improve the casting quality of non-ferrous metal castings, it is also necessary to remove the EDM enamel layer as much as possible; the profile cannot be highly polished; and the mold profile needs to be oxidized. At the same time, the mold should be preheated to the recommended temperature in the correct way.


In the process of die casting, it is necessary to reasonably control the casting temperature and speed, and to minimize the temperature of the molten metal under the premise of obtaining qualified non-ferrous metal casting products. Remember not to use excessively high metal liquid injection speeds. When the non-ferrous metal casting model surface is at the highest temperature, the coolant should be turned off.