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How to remove the rust
- Jun 20, 2017 -

When copper products have been used for a period of time, there will be a variety of small problems, including rust and so on. And today Xiaobian teach you to Tongxiu copper products.

1.kerosene, derusting method: first dentifrice with a soft cloth dipped in a little kerosene brush, then wipe dentifrice.

Method: 2. vinegar derusting copper products on the green patina, use a soft cloth dip vinegar, then add the right amount of salt to wipe.


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3.sea salt derusting method: if the copper products on the corrosion is very serious, you can put sea salt in the melting wax in the flowers, and then wipe with this solution can be clean.

4.lemon juice hair: copper products if rust, lemon juice can be used to wipe out salt.

5.talc, a rust method: 160 grams of fine wood, 60 grams of talcum powder 240, bran and Ke Mai together, into 50 grams of vinegar, mix into a paste, coated on the rusty copper products, to be dry, wipe with a soft cloth.

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