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How to produce high quality copper castings?
- Jun 13, 2017 -

You must be obsessed with a problem. How can the quality of copper castings be better? Next, Xiaobian together with everyone to understand.

1. design process

In addition to the design to determine the shape and size of parts according to the working conditions and performance of metal material, but also from the casting alloy and casting process characteristics to consider the rationality of the design, in order to avoid or reduce the deformation of segregation, copper casting, cracking and other defects generated.

2. reasonable casting process.

Choose appropriate parting surface and molding, core making method, reasonable casting steel bars, cold iron, riser and pouring system, etc., so as to ensure high quality castings.

3. quality of raw materials used in casting.

The quality of metal charge, refractory material, fuel and flux, modification agent and sand casting, sand binder, paint and other materials are substandard, will make the casting pinhole porosity, slag, sand and other defects, the effects of copper casting appearance quality and internal quality, which will make the casting scrap.

4. process operation

To formulate reasonable process operation rules, improve workers' technical level, and make the process regulations be implemented correctly.

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