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How to prevent the quality of casting caused by mold cracking?
- Jun 01, 2017 -

Before the small Aluminum Alloy casting the problem of poor quality in reference to the cause of crack of die roughness tolerance, so the factors how to provide quality Aluminum Alloy castings? Here are some suggestions on improvement measures:
(1) the reasonable arrangement of the ingate, will raise its position to avoid aluminum liquid directly scouring surface roughness requirements; add, guide the aluminum liquid filling cavity to change direction, to avoid the pot liquid direct scouring casting a mould part roughness requirements, and effectively prevent the important position of hot section the die cracking, reduce the tendency.
(2) CAE analysis is carried out before the development of the product in order to obtain a more reasonable casting system, which can not only achieve good internal quality, but also avoid high pouring speed and boost pressure to prolong the life of the die.


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(3) under the premise of not affecting the assembly and the performance of the product, negotiate with the customer to enlarge the transition angle or process of the parts locally so as to avoid premature cracking due to the small wall thickness.
(4) strengthen the mold maintenance, use the specified number of times, to eliminate the stress of the mold annealing treatment (using 2000 times after stress relief annealing treatment is particularly important).
(5) the allowance should be reserved in the tolerance range of the dimension during the production of the mould so that the die can be ground and cut off the crack when the small crack appears in the mold, so as to avoid the roughness of the crack and cause the roughness to exceed.
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