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How to prevent impeller wear
- Jan 22, 2017 -

Coated anti-abrasion coatings

Coating resins mainly anti-corrosion resistant coatings, rubber anticorrosion coating, anticorrosion wear-resistant materials, such as glass and ceramic quartz heating water.

To 890 wear-resistant compound can be used in fan impeller of, our company and Chester company jointly conducted some tests. 890 wear-resistant compound is used to repair and protect the surface of metal-ceramic composites subjected to abrasion, wear resistance of this compound and binding force and base metal are better. 890 wear-resistant compound coating thickness have to be 6mm or thicker for some narrow runner or starting a strict requirement of the rotor is not appropriate, as in the blade wear-resistant lining adds a layer to solve such problems fan impeller wear.

Blade surface overlaying welding

Surfacing is to choose certain welding rod (or wire), shielded metal arc (or automatic) welding leaves the wear parts, improved surface quality in order to protect the leaf and increase blade life. Blade welding electrode D217, D237, D317B, D707 and D717, D217 and D237 belongs to the surfacing weld metal steel, a certain degree of abrasion resistance, but larger weld cracking. D317B surfacing material is made up of a large number of tungsten carbide (WC) particle size distribution on the metal substrate consisting of a welding alloy, due to the high melting point and hardness WC, so high weld metal hardness and impact resistance, hardness HRC ≥ 60, of weld metal cracking tendency. As for the D237 D317B pile welding electrode in maanshan iron and steel company of our company is on the sintering fan impeller conducted comparative tests, tests showed D317B pile welding electrode wear and impact resistance than D237. D217, D237 and D317B electrodes have been used successfully in our company of sintering fan impeller, the use of iron and steel enterprises have been in good condition.