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How to overcome the shrinkage in the production of castings?
- Jun 24, 2017 -

In the process of production, the shrinkage of the casting in the process of casting is just the friction resistance between the metal surface and the surface of the casting, that is, the free shrinkage. If the shrinkage of the casting in the mold is further hindered, it is called a hindered contraction. For the same alloy, the hindered shrinkage is less than the free shrinkage.
To prevent the casting shrinkage is according to the basic principles, contraction and solidification characteristics of alloy casting process, making the right, so that the casting during solidification process to establish a good feeding conditions, within its ability to let the shrinkage into the shrinkage hole, shrinkage and let in place of casting solidification.

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                                                                Copper castings

In the casting process, the introduction position of the casting system has a very important influence on the distribution of the casting. Adjusting the pouring temperature and pouring speed of the liquid metal can help to strengthen the directional solidification or solidification at the same time. Can effectively eliminate or reduce microscopic shrinkage.
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