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How to improve the quality of right angle valve body casting?
- Mar 27, 2018 -

There are many factors that affect the quality of right-angle valve body castings. In addition to the quality of the material itself, it also has a close relationship with the casting process. At the same time, the casting of the right-angle valve body may be affected by external resistance when it is solid-stated in the mold. So, what methods can improve its quality?


In order to further improve the quality of right angle valve body castings, we can appropriately increase the carbon equivalent of molten iron in the process of casting production, and use graphitization to increase the self-feeding capacity of the material. At the same time, the tightness of the sand is ensured during the smashing of the box to increase the strength of the sand and promote the ability of the casting to self-feed.


In addition, during the pouring step, the casting process parameters should be strictly controlled, and the gating cup and outlet hole cover should be tight to prevent loose sand from entering. Prior to casting, the solid slag on the surface of the molten iron is cleaned; the initial pouring temperature of the molten iron is increased, and the tendency of the molten iron to produce secondary slag is reduced. The right-angle valve body casting is preferably arranged in the initial stage after the furnace is opened to reduce the number of lean slags produced after multiple uses of the lining. At the same time, appropriate measures should be taken to ensure the slag blocking effect of the gating system.


At the same time when selecting raw materials, the most suitable material should be selected according to the use requirements. Special attention should be paid to reducing the content of alloying elements such as Cr, Mn in the molten iron, and reducing the gas content of the molten iron itself; the sand cores before the lower core should be overhead brushed and stored for a period of time to prevent the sand core from absorbing moisture. This can also play a role in improving the quality of the right angle valve body castings to some extent.


In short, the right-angle valve body casting is one of the important products in the casting, and the annual market demand is relatively large. Through these improvements, it is possible to improve the production rate of right-angle valve body castings and improve product quality.