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How to clean casting mould
- Jun 15, 2017 -

When using a casting mold, it must be cleaned, and how to clean it? This is a big problem, then the small series to tell you one by one.
1., our common cleaning method is chemical cleaning agent, as well as the use of dry ball jet cleaning, you can use liquid or solid sandblasting machine sandblasting cleaning.
2. liquid sandblasting machine for cleaning mold casting, we generally use the size of 90um glass pellets, or 0.125mm (120 mesh) white corundum sand, it will not only have we to die to the cleaning effect, also have certain maintenance purpose.


                                                          Copper covers

3., pay attention to cleaning, maintenance time can not exceed 2min.
Note: the use of liquid sandblasting machine and glass bowl cleaning of casting mould, the effect is more ideal, but you long time without being cleaned, it is difficult to clean, so we need regular cleaning and maintenance of casting mould.
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