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How to avoid the atherosclerotic pattern and small spots of casting surface
- Jun 01, 2017 -

In the corner of the aluminum liquid position or poor exhaust parts are more prone to atherosclerosis patterns, and wax mold release agent in not fully atomization or release agent in the presence of impurities, they were blown clean compressed air, in liquid aluminum erosion gradually accumulated in the local position will have small pits, according to the following how to avoid problems do introduce:
1) adjust the position of the automatic spraying nozzle, adjust the spraying flow of the nozzle, and prevent the accumulation of the mould release agent;
2) increase the casting exhaust tank, so that the castings exhaust smoothly, to prevent the accumulation of mold release agent;


                                            Tin bronze valve cover castings

3) change the type of release agent and use water-based release agent to prevent gradual accumulation of wax due to insufficient atomization of paraffin in the release agent;
4) in the presence of mold release accumulation, timely grinding mold, to prevent roughness over.
5) clean the nozzle and pipe of the automatic spraying machine in time, adjust the nozzle position and spray flow.
6) change the release agent type and use water-based release agent.
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