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High quality Pump castings and Valve casting
- Mar 14, 2017 -

Methods: sand casting (resin sand and clay sand)

Material: C95800, C95500, C95400, C95200, C83600, C87600, C87300, RG5, RG10, AB2, LG2, etc.

Transport packaging: according to customer requirements

Applications: aluminum bronze, tin bronze, silicon bronze castings are suitable for chemical industry, shipbuilding and other industries.

Origin: Jiangsu, Wuxi, China

Product description:

Aluminum bronze and silicon bronze have high strength, good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Materials are important materials for manufacturing the pump body, impeller, pump, valve parts, bearings, gears, gear cover, nut, flange, etc. with the guide sleeve.

Processing capacity: ordinary lathe, CNC lathe, boring machine, drilling machine, machining center, etc..

Main products: pump castings, valve castings and other parts

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