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Forming and process characteristics of the Cut-off valve body castings
- Dec 14, 2018 -

The blank of the stop Cut-off valve body castings requires a smooth surface and a clear cast, especially for dense defects. In order to meet the above requirements, a series of technological measures should be taken when the valve body of the valve body is cut. For example, the high refractoriness of the molding material is selected and the sand moisture is controlled, and the layering should be layered to ensure the sand hardness and a reasonable pouring cap. The mouth system and strict control of casting speed and temperature. Due to high technical requirements.


The casting temperature of the stop Cut-off valve body castings is 1540~1570 °C, so the casting forming performance is better, and the shrinkage rate of the casting is generally 2%~2.5% of the wall thickness. At the same time, the design of the profile, the arrangement of the riser and the choice of modeling materials should be considered. When there is a deviation in the size of the casting, it can be corrected after heat treatment, and then corrected for heat treatment according to the heat treatment requirements of the parts.


Compared with other gray iron casting processes, the manufacturing process and inspection process of the Cut-off valve body castingss are more complicated. In addition, in addition to inspection size, position accuracy and appearance, the Cut-off valve body castingss also have various tests for metallographic structure, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and non-destructive testing, so the inspection process of the Cut-off valve body castingss of the shut-off valve is also More complicated.