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Creeping process of tin bronze water pump castings
- Aug 17, 2018 -

The tin bronze pump castings require the composition of the original molten iron during the process of the creeping process, and the composite treatment method of the bottom punching method and the tapping tank is used in the operation. Or mix the 0 degree thin magnesium alloy and the 1 degree rare earth ferrosilicon alloy and take half into the bottom of the ladle. Cover with iron or perlite powder, then put the remaining half into the iron trough and rush into the ladle with the molten iron to carry out the creeping reaction. After the reaction is completed, add the inoculant to treat the iron to obtain the worm-like shape. Graphite cast iron. The temperature of the perovskitic treatment should not be lower than 1400 degrees Celsius.


The tin bronze pump castings recycle and reuse the waste heat, which will make full use of the residual heat of the cupola during operation, so that the waste heat can be used to heat and use the water, so that the waste heat recovery rate can reach 80% and the energy utilization rate can be improved. Suitable for melting equipment. Enterprises must be equipped with equipment that smells, refines, shapes, cores, sands, and cleans that match production capacity.


Tin bronze pump castings can reduce the scrap rate, and the casting yield will increase by 1%. Each ton of molten iron can produce about 8~10kg high-quality cast iron parts, saving coke 6~8kg, and reducing the weight of casting by 1%, which can reduce energy. It consumes about 1-2%. Most of them focus on the defects of metal liquid flow, pores, size, cleaning, etc., can improve the filling capacity by improving the external conditions, and adopt the sand casting process technology to improve the dimensional accuracy of the valve castings and reduce the processing waste.