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Creeping process and carbon content of aluminium bronze water pump castings
- Oct 24, 2018 -

In the process of the creeping process, the aluminium bronze water pump castings have the requirements of the original molten iron composition, and to a certain extent, mainly adopt the composite processing method of the bottom punching method and the iron tapping groove. Or mix the 0 degree thin magnesium alloy and the 1 degree rare earth ferrosilicon alloy and take half into the bottom of the ladle. Cover with iron or perlite powder, then put the remaining half into the iron trough and rush into the ladle with the molten iron to carry out the creeping reaction. After the reaction is completed, add the inoculant to treat the iron to obtain the worm-like shape. Graphite cast iron. The temperature of the perovskitic treatment should not be lower than 1400 degrees Celsius.

In the case of aluminum bronze water pump castings with the same carbon equivalent, an effective increase in the silicon to carbon ratio will increase the ferrite formation tendency. However, for thin-walled small parts such as submersible pump castings, the silicon-to-carbon ratio is improved and appears in the structure. The tendency of ferrite is not large and therefore does not affect its strength.

The line shrinkage of aluminum bronze water pump castings is mainly due to the formation of solid liquid skeleton of metal liquid. The higher the temperature, the earlier the shrinkage start time will be. The longer the shrinkage time, the larger the line shrinkage value will be. Under the carbon equivalent, the increase of the silicon to carbon ratio increases the amount of primary austenite, which will form a solid skeleton earlier, thereby increasing the line shrinkage. However, in actual production, the carbon equivalent of high silicon carbon to cast iron is not much different from that of the previous process, and the influence of line shrinkage is also small. In practice, no waste products are found.