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Copper ring for shipbuilding production requirements and main performance
- Jul 06, 2018 -

In the process of production, the Copper ring for shipbuilding can effectively melt and melt the metal, so that it can be made fluid, and then effectively poured into a mold cavity with a certain shape, in gravity or external force (pressure, centrifugal force) A metal forming method that fills the cavity under the action of electromagnetic force, and cools and solidifies into a casting (or part).

In general, the Copper ring for shipbuilding can be effectively used as a part for cutting its blank. When it is used, many castings can meet the design accuracy and surface roughness requirements of the part without cutting, and can be directly used as a part.

Performance and composition of the Copper ring for shipbuilding

The main performance requirements of the molding sand in the Copper ring for shipbuilding are to some extent, such as strength, gas permeability, refractoriness, concession, fluidity, compaction rate and collapsibility.

Composition of the shaped sand of the Copper ring for shipbuilding

The sand of the Copper ring for shipbuilding is composed of raw sand, adhesive and add-on. During the operation, the casting is mainly made of sand and sand with less sediment and uniform particles and round and polygonal shape. Or mountain sand and so on. The binders for casting include clay (common clay and bentonite), water glass sand, resin, fat oil and vegetable oil, etc., which are called clay sand, water glass sand, resin sand, fat oil sand and vegetable oil sand, respectively.