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Copper casting forming technology and auxiliary functions
- Jul 02, 2018 -

In the cold extrusion of copper castings, a very important component of the precision plastic volume forming technology, in which the cold extrusion mainly refers to effectively placing its copper blank into the mold cavity in the cold state, and then in the powerful Under the pressure and speed, it can squeeze copper from the cavity to obtain the desired shape, size and extrusion with certain mechanical properties.

The cold extrusion technology of copper castings in the new extrusion materials and the emergence of new steel molds and large tonnage presses, so that it can expand its development space, in the production of advanced casting technology used to produce various types of copper Castings, cast copper parts, copper worm gear, copper wire mother, copper sets and various mechanical equipment non-ferrous metal accessories products.

After the workpiece of the copper casting is clamped on the machining center, the CNC system can effectively control the machine according to its different processes. During the operation, the tool can be automatically selected and replaced, and the machine tool can be automatically changed during operation.

Spindle speed, auxiliary functions such as feeding tool and tool relative to workpiece movement trajectory, multiple workpieces processing on several surfaces, and various tool change or machining centers, due to automatic tool change in the process, reduced workpiece clamping, measurement and machine tools Adjust the time, make the machine cutting time to machine start time about 80%; also reduced the workpiece turnover, processing and storage time between the work, shorten the production cycle and improve economic efficiency.