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Copper alloy pump body castings and requirements before loading and unloading
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Copper alloy pump castings require careful inspection of explosives in their coals during firing. During the wind stop process, the coal seams must not be too thick to prevent gas explosion. The cinder removal should be handled at any time, and no backlog stacking is allowed.

Before the loading and unloading of Copper alloy pump body castings, it is necessary to effectively check the obstacles on the track grooves, whether the hooks, chains and other tools are reliable. When loading or unloading large castings or thin-walled workpieces, it must be leveled and stabilized. Spaces should be properly left between adjacent ones, and the loading height should not exceed the regulations.

Before the Copper alloy pump body castings are released, the refractory bricks and refractory mud on the furnace door should be cleaned, and the pulling mechanism should be checked for ease of use. When unloading and handling, unrelated personnel should not be close to the sides of the flat car, so as to prevent the sand box or workpiece from collapsing and injuring people. It is forbidden to rest or stack objects around the stove.