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Copper alloy aluminum bronze pump body casting characteristics
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Copper alloy aluminum bronze pump body casting are made of a large amount of carbide in the raw material of castings, so the toughness is very low and very easy to break.Therefore, steel castings need to be tempered with water, and the main purpose of heat treatment is to remove the carbide.What are the unique features of the application?

1. Avoid casting with large horizontal plane.

2. The casting structure should be as cool as possible without hindering shrinkage.

3. The local thick section of the casting shall be made of hollow or cast hole structure as far as possible, and the ribs shall be strengthened properly.

4. Casting holes in the surface wall of the casting should be reinforced with convex edges to reduce wall thickness.

5. The connection between the casting wall and wall should be protected from sharp corners and metal concentration, thick wall between BoBi transition to casting, beware of mutation, lest cause hot section and should be concentrated force, formation of hot crack, SuSong, etc.

6. There are a number of connecting columns for the large area of the inner water and gas path of the castings.