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Cleaning requirements and processing materials for amorphous single wear-resistant copper bush
- Dec 24, 2018 -

amorphous single wear-resistant copper bush are increasing in demand and increasing in engineering engineering, and the demand for components such as copper bushings is also increasing to a certain extent. Among them, copper bushings are among these components. It is the most important because it is the core of the machine.

amorphous single wear-resistant copper bush are generally made of these materials, low alloy tool steel, high carbon high chromium tool steel and other old steel grades. In use, the surface of the copper sleeve is coated with an anti-oxidation solution to form a uniform maintenance film between the copper ion gaps. The purpose of this is to isolate the oxygen in the natural world from contacting the copper sleeve, thereby effectively preventing the copper sleeve bearing. Oxidation discoloration.

amorphous single wear-resistant copper bush must be thoroughly cleaned in all processes during the manufacturing process, in order to leave a residual solution in the pores to affect the next process. Moreover, when silver plating is performed, it is necessary to electrify the lower groove, and the inrush current density is used to plate 5MIN under the premise of shaking the workpiece, and then a normal current density is performed. The copper sleeve has good temperature resistance, stable performance and long-term use. Different insulation materials have different operating temperature ranges.