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Classification of valves
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Valve can really bring us great convenience. When we need water, turn on the valve and turn off the valve when we don't need it. The copper valve has a strong corrosion resistance, high wear resistance and so on. Today, Xiao Bian carefully explain the product classification of copper valves.

1. copper gate: Copper gate is closed parts along the channel axis vertical movement of the valve in the pipeline square, primarily as a medium cut, can open and close use.

2. copper iron valve: evolved from the plug valve, it is through a sphere axis rotation of 90 degrees to achieve the purpose of opening and closing.


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3. copper shut-off valve: refers to the closure of the valve moving along the center line of the valve. According to the form of disc movement, the change of valve seat opening is in direct proportion to the valve stroke.

4. copper check valve: depend on the flow of the medium itself to automatically open and close the valve, used to prevent the media backflow valve.

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