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Classification of impeller
- Jan 22, 2017 -

Mainly in the following 4 types of impeller of a centrifugal pump, (a) closed and (b) the first half open, (c), semi-open; (d) open

1-impeller; 2-rear end plate, 3-wheel; 4-front cover; 5-impeller seal ring; 6-rib

Closed impeller

Formed by the blade with a front and back cover. Closed impeller efficiency, manufacturing is difficult, most widely used in the centrifugal pump. Suitable for conveying water, solution viscosity, such as minor cleaning liquid does not contain particles.

Semi-open impeller

General has two species structure: one for Qian half open type, by Hou cover Board and leaves composition, this structure impeller efficiency lower, for improve efficiency needed distribution with can adjustable clearance of sealed ring; another a for Hou half open type, by Qian cover Board and leaves composition, due to can application and closed type impeller same of sealed ring, efficiency and closed type impeller basic same, and leaves except conveying liquid outside, also has (back leaves or Deputy impeller of) sealed role. Semi-open impeller is suitable for conveying solids, fiber suspensions in liquids. Semi-open impeller made less difficult, low cost, and strong adaptability, applied in centrifugal pumps for refinery and petrochemical gradually increased, and for the delivery of water and water liquid.