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Characteristics and Working Principle of Single Suction Impeller in Single Suction Pump
- Jan 20, 2018 -

Single suction pump works: When the single suction pump starts, the pump shaft driven single suction impeller together for high-speed rotary motion, and in terms of speaking, to a large extent, it will force pre-filling in the inter-leaf liquid Rotation, under the action of inertial centrifugal force, the liquid from the center of the impeller to the outer radial for radial movement.

In the meantime, energy is obtained during the movement of the liquid through the single-suction impeller, and at the same time, we actually notice that its static pressure will increase and the flow rate will increase. After the liquid leaves the single-suction impeller and enters the pump housing, it slows down due to the gradual enlargement of the flow passage in the housing. In this respect, we actually need to pay attention to the fact that part of its kinetic energy is converted into static pressure energy and finally Will flow tangentially into the discharge line.

In view of this, the snail-shaped pump casing is not only a component that collects the liquid flowing out of the single-suction impeller, but also a transformable device. Next, the liquid from the impeller center thrown to the periphery at the same time, single-suction impeller center to form a low-pressure zone, the tank surface and the impeller center of the total potential energy under the effect of poor, that is, it will lead to its The liquid is sucked into the center of a single suction impeller.

Rely on the continuous operation of the single-suction impeller, the liquid to a large extent that is, will be continuously inhaled and discharged. Next, we actually have to pay attention to the liquid in the centrifugal pump which is the mechanical energy that will be obtained, and ultimately that will be manifested as increased hydrostatic pressure. And the basic components of the single suction pump that is high-speed rotation of the single suction impeller and the fixed snail-shaped pump housing.