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Casting temperature and process requirements for copper alloy pump cover castings
- Jan 21, 2019 -

Copper alloy pump cover castings are manufactured using an advanced casting process in which the casting temperature has a large effect on the quality of the casting and the life of the metal. If the casting temperature is too high, the amount of precipitated gas in the molten metal increases and the shrinkage increases, which tends to cause pores, shrinkage holes, and even cracks in the casting. At the same time, the life of the metal is shortened; if the casting temperature is too low, the casting will be cold-isolated and insufficiently poured. Or defects such as unclear outlines.


The casting temperature of copper alloy pump cover castings will vary according to the material, such as: brass 980~1020 °C; manganese iron brass 1000~1040 °C; silicon brass 950~1000 °C; ordinary brass 1060~1100 °C; tin bronze 1050~1150 °C; aluminum bronze 1130~1200 °C; phosphor bronze 980~1060 °C.


Generally, the casting temperature of copper alloy pump cover castings is generally 20~30 °C higher than that of sand casting. In addition to temperature control, in the casting process of copper alloy pump cover castings, attention should be paid to the cleaning of each process to prevent the solution remaining in the pores from affecting the next process. When pre-casting, the parts must be shaken together with the hangers. In order to ensure uniform color of the coating, to prevent the occurrence of speckle during silver plating, affecting the appearance quality of the coating;


The passivation treatment of copper alloy pump cover castings should be strengthened, washed in flowing clean water for 10-20 min, then washed with hot water, and dried immediately. The oven temperature can be controlled at 100-150 ° C for a little longer to prevent mildew.