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Casting process parameters and quality standards for right-angle valve body castings
- Mar 10, 2018 -

In the process of casting the right angle valve body castings, the process parameters that should be clearly defined include: 1. Machining allowance, including dimensional tolerances, selection of casting methods, materials used, and allowances; 2. Draft angle The determination of; 3, cast fillet; 4, cast right angle valve body casting casting shrinkage determination and so on.


So, what is the quality standard for right-angle valve body castings?


The quality standards cover the conformity of the shape, size, composition, organization, and performance of the right-angle valve body castings to the use requirements. Including the appearance of the casting quality, internal quality and use of quality in three aspects.


From the appearance quality of right-angle valve body castings, the quality standards mainly refer to the surface quality of the castings and to the degree required by the users. Including factors include: surface roughness, surface defects, dimensional tolerances, shape deviations, weight deviations, etc. Normally, when inspecting the surface quality of a casting, observations or related measuring tools and instruments are used.


For the condition of the internal casting of a right-angle valve body that cannot be directly checked with the naked eye, chemical analysis, material testing, metallographic inspection, and non-destructive testing are generally used. The main inspection includes the chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties of castings, metallurgical organization, and defects such as holes, cracks, and inclusions that exist in the interior of castings.